Friday, 8 December 2017

My Playlist of 2017

So what songs have I been enjoying this year?

Thursday, 30 November 2017

*The Arteabox Unboxed & Reviewed

"Teatime in a box"

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Barcelona 2017


When looking on my laptop I came across a photo album full of photos from my trip to Barcelona this summer with my mum, auntie and sister. I realised I hadn't made a blog post on the trip so today I am sharing with you some photos from the weekend I spent there. I had an amazing time in Barcelona -  its such a lovely and unique city! I would love to go back there again one day because there are so many places to see and explore. Anyway here are a few pics to show you some of beautiful Barcelona...

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

35 Things I've Learned So Far At University

So I'm a first year student at university, and I have been at university now for about two months! It's so weird because I feel like the time is going so so quickly, but also that I've been here for ages? As I've been at university for a while now and there are a fair few things I have learned and experienced so far...

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Marwood | Brighton

unique af

Friday, 20 October 2017

4 Student Recipes You Need To Try Now!

Are you sick of instant pot noodles and beans on toast yet? Struggling to know what to do with leftover food, or are you student funds so low you can’t afford anymore Dominoes? Here are 4 student meal recipes that you need to try now! They are super easy , healthy and quick to make - as well as very cheap too!

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